Our Mission


We thought about it. We thought long and hard. And we came to this conclusion:

You deserve to have access to whole, simple foods. And you deserve to be able to find them on-the-go. For an (actually) affordable price. What a concept, right?



Fundamentally, we’re focusing on your health. We’ve developed recipes that are as simple (and delicious) as possible, so you can feel comfortable knowing exactly what’s going into your body.

It’s almost like you made it at home!

Except you didn’t, because you got home from a long day at work and the thought of cooking anything made you want to hibernate.

So we’re doing it for you, no worries.




Why is healthy food so hard to find?

It shouldn’t be. Next question.




Why is it so expensive to buy the healthy food that you do find?

It shouldn’t be. Next question.




Humans have already taken enough of a toll on our planet. Let’s not add to it, shall we?